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5 Reasons Why We’re the Most Instagrammable Restaurant in Whistler BC

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There is no escaping it, for many Instagram has become as much a part of the dining experience as a fork and knife. There is nary a restaurant in Whistler Village where an evening dining experience doesn’t evidence at least one party subtly (or not so subtly) snapping a square pic of their appetizer, dinner, dessert, and/or beverage. The concept of sharing ones dining experience in this manner is instrumental in the choices that they make, not only when it comes to their order, but when it comes to the restaurant they choose to visit.

Why do people do it? Some studies actual state that posting photos of food to Instagram before consumption makes it taste even better. We’re not here to analyze that. Instead, we’re happy to embrace those of you with a penchant for Instadining while visiting the resort town of Whistler BC.

We never set out to be one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in the Village. It sort of just happened. Read further to find out why.

5 Reasons Why Our Whistler Village Restaurant is Perfect for Your “Instagram Dining” Experience

1. The Mouthwatering Food (of Course)

It all starts with the menu. Our food is expertly prepared to ensure that flavor comes first and foremost, but exquisite presentation follows right behind before your plate leaves the kitchen. No matter the time of the year, our seasonal menu is ripe with the most visually inspiring meals in the Village. Our For the Table (starters) items and our Soups & Salads get things going, especially the visually appealing Aztec Soup (a delicious pasilla chile and tortilla soup with avocado, crispy tortilla strips, feta cheese and sour cream). Our Quesadillas and Tacos do not look like you’d expect and are instead presented in a manner that will have you posting with juxtaposing hashtags of #gourmet and #streetfood at the same time. Our seasonally rotating Entrées, such the late summer addition of Prawns and Mussels a la Diabla (spice braised fresh mussels and tiger prawns with roasted onions and smoked tomatoes, served with house made fried bread) are the most prize-worthy, and will have you angling your smartphone to capture every mouthwatering inch of your plate.

Let’s consider the effort that our Chef puts into delivering the most flavorful meal you’ve had in ages. If posting your dish to Instagram indeed makes it taste even better – you’d better prepare your tastebuds for a revolutionary experience. It’s a good thing you’re capturing it forever on digital film.

2. The Colorful Drinks

Without question we have the most colorful (in flavor and aesthetics) beverage menu in the entire town. The proof is in the pudding (or should we say the margarita?) and made immediately evident as soon as you take a gander. The fresh, ripe, and natural fruits used in our Classic and Signature Handcrafted Margaritas makes the beverage tray pop as it makes it’s way from the bar to your party’s table. Our Margarita Mango, Margarita Cilantro, and Margarita Tamarindo are certainly the most visually impactful of the lot. The only hard part is resisting the urge to slurp it all down before capturing that perfect shot.

@lilyandstormie posted Margaritas at The Mexican corner

@lilyandstormie posted Margaritas at The Mexican corner

@miyunita having a margarita at the Mexican Corner

@miyunita having a margarita at the Mexican Corner

@Vanfoodster having delicious tacos at the Mexican Corner

@Vanfoodster having delicious tacos at the Mexican Corner

@WhistlerTraveller The Mexican Corner in Whistler, BC

@WhistlerTraveller The Mexican Corner in Whistler, BC

3. The Extremely Posable Staff

Our staff is the best looking in town. At least according to them. Seriously though, from host to server and kitchen to bar our fun loving staff is known for putting their wide smiles in front of wide angle lenses. Our patrons fast become our friends, even if you and your party are just passing through town. It is not uncommon for guests to pose along side The Mexican Corner staff for a pic and we would never turn down an invitation to do so. If you happen to come by during one of our special events or holidays, where the kitchen or bar may be adorned in Lucha Libre masks or a Pancho Villa mustache, you’re in for a treat.

4. The Unmatched Interior Decor

Our interior decor lends itself to one of the most visually dazzling dining experiences in the Village. The restaurant is teeming with color, as rich wood furnishings, carefully curated Mexican art, and a combination of brick and flowing stucco walls combine to create the most photo-worthy setting around town. Your food will be in a battle with the design and decor to see which gets the most attention on your Instagram.

5. The (Covert) Dim Lights

Dim lighting not only helps set the tone for an enticing and romantic dining experience, it makes for amazing photos. That being said, we know some of you are self-conscious about being among the lot who must snap a photo of food the second it arrives at your table. Fret not, because the perfectly subdued lights along with the cozy sections of our seating allows you to capture your dish (and the person sitting across from you?) in all of its glory while other patrons remain none the wiser.

Be sure to follow our Instagram profile (we follow back!) and don’t forget to @themexicancorner and hashtag #themexicancorner on your next visit to our Whistler Village restaurant.