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Best Tequila in Whistler & Which Dishes to Pair it With

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Best Tequila in Whistler and Which Dishes to Pair it With

You likely have some idea about wine-pairing, even if it is simply in regard to your own personal preferences and how it applies to which dishes you choose to match your favorite glass of Chardonnay with. However, the concept of tequila pairing has taken off in the other two-thirds of North America (this has already been a part of the culinary scene in Mexico for quite some time) over the last five years. And if you, a tequila enthusiast, are just hearing about it for the first time today (as you read this) you’re probably salivating at the concept. To make this article even more relevant to you and your party (guests to our Whistler Village community) we will address the general types of tequila found on our beverage list, and match them to our current Spring/Early-Summer menu of 2015.

Pairing Tequila Varieties w/Our Whistler Restaurant’s Current Dinner Menu

Silver Tequila – Silver tequila, also known as Blanco is not aged after it’s been distilled. It is normally 100% blue agave and thus noted for its earthy agave flavor. Silver tequila works well with a first course and with meals prepared with some acidic ingredient, such as citrus. It’s no surprise then, that Silver tequila matches particularly well with one item on our Spring Menu Appetizers, the Ceviche Acapulqueño – a fresh seafood mix of marinated shrimp, scallops, snapper and octopus which is finished in a tangy citrus-tomato salsa and served with crisp tortillas. If you’re considering Silver tequila with your dessert, inquire with your server to see if we have a citrusy sorbet in our daily selections.

Reposado Tequila – Reposado tequila, also known as Rested/Aged tequila, is aged in wood barrels (commonly made from oak) for anywhere between two and 11 months. Unlike the clear Silver tequila, Reposado is noted by a golden hue with a taste that exquisitely balances between agave and wood flavors. Some Reposado tequilas are purposely aged in repurposed whiskey barrels, which passes on a hint of taste that creates a truly unique tequila. The mellow oak flavor of Reposado means that it pairs well with meats that can be complemented by a slight smokey flavor, such as steak, or in this instance, our Taqueria’s Venison “al Pibil” – Alberta venison braised in Axiote spice and topped with pickled onions. The oak flavor also goes well with chipotle, making Repasado a match for our Grilled Prime Marlin Steak which is finished with a chipotle maple (another complement!) glaze. Finally, oak flavors also pair perfectly with cinnamon, making the prospect of a dessert order of our Mexican Churros even more mouthwatering than it already is.

Añejo Tequila – Añejo, or extra aged tequila is aged in white-oak barrels for a one year minimum. Añejo distillers are required to age the tequila in barrels with a capacity of 600 liters or less. This aging process darkens the tequila, giving Añejo an amber color. The result is a smoother, richer oak, and more complex flavor than found with its cousins above. This is the “15 year old scotch” of tequilas. The complex flavor pairs very well with aged cheeses, and thus works with our Sopecitos de Chorizo – Zesty Mexican chorizo, salsa Roja and aged (60 days to two years) Manchego cheese on a fresh-grilled corn cake. For a dessert pairing, we recommend the Chocoflan – a rich and decadent layer of chocolate cake and a creamy layer of flan smothered in nutella, caramel and raspberry sauce.

Specialty Tequilas – Our Patron Citronage, with its sweet and smooth fresh citrus taste, also pairs well with the same Ceviche Acapulqueño that was suggested for our Silver tequilas above. Our Patron XO Café, with its unparalleled blend of ultra-premium Patrón Silver tequila and pure, natural essence of fine coffee creates a taste that is dry, and not overly sweet, making it the perfect tequila to pair with your dessert. The obvious conclusion here, is to match it with our Kahlua Crème Brulee.

Within each tequila category there are of course unique brands and flavorings that can create other combinations to catapult your dining experience to a whole other level. On your next visit to our Whistler Village restaurant be sure to ask your server about which tequilas on our beverage menu pair best with your appetizer, entree, and/or dessert of choice.