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Seafood in Whistler Village BC – With a Twist!

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Best Seafood in Whistler Village

Summer has arrived. There is nothing quite like sitting down on a warm summer’s eve with a glass of wine (or shot of tequila) and exquisitely prepared seafood dish on your table. Many visitors to the province expect the BC coastline to deliver an unmatched bounty of seafood, but are often surprised to find that our mountain resort too is swimming with some of the best seafood dishes around. Notably, our Whistler Village restaurant is known for bringing in both locally sourced and freshly imported catch in an effort to provide patrons with a variety that encompasses the diversity of species found up and down the Pacific coast. But it doesn’t stop there.

Our restaurant understands your desire for a unique dining experience, especially when you are enjoying your vacation. That is why we have taken our seafood offering numerous steps further, integrating flavors and using recipes unlike any other casual or fine dining establishment in the region. Today, as we enter the first few days of summer we are proud to introduce our new seasonal dinner menu here and in today’s article we will feature what “early-adopting” locals are already calling the best seafood dishes in town.

Best (and most unique) Seafood Dishes in Whistler Village – Summer 2015

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Best Tequila in Whistler & Which Dishes to Pair it With

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Best Tequila in Whistler and Which Dishes to Pair it With

You likely have some idea about wine-pairing, even if it is simply in regard to your own personal preferences and how it applies to which dishes you choose to match your favorite glass of Chardonnay with. However, the concept of tequila pairing has taken off in the other two-thirds of North America (this has already been a part of the culinary scene in Mexico for quite some time) over the last five years. And if you, a tequila enthusiast, are just hearing about it for the first time today (as you read this) you’re probably salivating at the concept. To make this article even more relevant to you and your party (guests to our Whistler Village community) we will address the general types of tequila found on our beverage list, and match them to our current Spring/Early-Summer menu of 2015.

Pairing Tequila Varieties w/Our Whistler Restaurant’s Current Dinner Menu

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