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Top Choice Among Best Whistler Restaurants for Groups

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Whistler Restaurants for Groups

With all of the events and activities taking place in Whistler from spring to winter it’s no wonder that visitors arrive in packs. Whether with friends, family, or coworkers Whistler Village is even more fun when you have a group to share it with. Our resort town has so much to offer for you and your party that you don’t need to come with a plan – the mountain is your oyster with everything at your hotel doorstep. That being said, when it comes to dining it doesn’t hurt to get some helpful advice when planning a lunch or dinner out on the town. Not all restaurants are suited or accommodating to groups, be it a concern about elbow room or the ability of the kitchen staff to keep up with a wave or varying orders from the menu. Thankfully, our establishment is here for you and you party, providing you with the most comfortable, fun, and flavorful group-dining experience in town.

4 Reasons Why Our Whistler Village Restaurant is Perfect for Your Group

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Best Whistler Events for Late August / Early September 2015

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Best Whistler Events for Late August and Early September 2015

It’s no secret that last ski season was a bit slow due to a lack of cooperative weather¬†however that hasn’t stopped our resort town from having a successful year. This week Blackcomb reported an increase in visitor-based revenue by the end of the third quarter and an overall strong start to Whistler’s summer of 2015. Our village’s mid-summer event line-up continued in this pattern and our Whistler restaurant has been a hub of leisure activity.

Once again, as a service to our patrons and all who arrive in town to enjoy the summer scene in Whistler our staff has compiled another list of recommended events to carry you through the last leg of the summer of 2015.

Recommended Events in Whistler Village for the Late Summer of 2015

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