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The Best Tropical Cocktails in Whistler? Come Sip and Decide

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Our Whistler restaurant is known for many things (good things, of course), one of them being our cocktail menu. Whether looking for spirits to warm your spirits in the festive winter or saluting the days of summer with #margaritaville on the mind you’ll find no better selection than with the beverages born from behind our bar.

Today we narrow our focus for those of you with a penchant for tropical drinks. You’re the kind of person who demands an umbrella or slice of pineapple in your drink no matter the time of year. You should be celebrated for this undying need to chase the endless summer with libations. Read further to find out why you will want to stand at our bar when in the resort town of Whistler BC.

4 Reasons Why We Are Known for Serving the Best Tropical Cocktails in Whistler Village

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Best Soup in Whistler Village? There’s Only One Way to Find Out

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Best Soup in Whistler Village

There’s no question that when it comes to the middle of winter there’s no food quite as comforting as a hearty bowl of soup. If you add a backdrop of snow-covered mountains and red brick village lanes bustling below your window you’ve got the perfect call to leave the comforts of your cozy resort room and sample the best that the town has to offer. But when you want soup you want it now. No time to overthink it and comb through countless of online recommendations. Thankfully, you’ve landed here.

No matter the season our chef prepares his soups to seduce your palate, soothe your soul, and to even put you back on top if you’re feeling under the weather. Below we take a look at the current offerings on our lunch and dinner winter menu. Be sure to check back as we enter each new season with new takes on everyone’s favorite form of comfort food.

Two Reasons Why Our Restaurant is the One of the Best Places to Go for Soup in Whistler

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