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Best Whistler Events for March 2016

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Whistler Events in March 2016

Winter is just three weeks away from reaching its 2016 conclusion. While there is still plenty of activity up on the hills and slopes (thanks to a favorable year from Senior El Niño) to keep you busy through the month, we thought we’d provide you with our staff picks for the top activities in March in the Whistler Village area.

5 Recommended Events In and Around Whistler Village for March 2016

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Where to Find Healthy Food in Whistler When Eating Out

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Healthy Food in Whistler

Here’s the conundrum. You’re in Whistler for a vacation or a few-day getaway and even though you’re in town to have fun, you plan on sticking to your healthy diet. Kudos on your commitment. But when it comes to venturing out into the village with your party for afternoon or evening dining you may find yourself at a crossroads. While there are a multitude of great places to eat, matching delicious with healthy can be a challenge.

Our restaurant management and kitchen is sensitive to your sensitive diets. We also understand that eating healthy when dining out may not mean cutting calories, but instead considers nutritious, vegetarian or gluten-free alternatives among other self-imposed restrictions. Thus, in our never-ending mission to accommodate everyone who visits our resort town we thought we’d detail a few dishes on our current menu that provide a healthy dining alternative for you, without sacrificing one iota of flavor or presentation.

Why Our Restaurant is Perfect for Those Looking to Eat Healthy When Dining Out in Whistler

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