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Best Apres Ski In Whistler

As a visitor to Whistler Blackcomb ski resort you likely don’t need the definition of “apres-ski”, however we’ve never been considered anything less than thorough, from our kitchen to this here Whistler Village restaurant & hospitality blog. So here goes. Apres-ski (for the uninitiated) is the general concept of socializing over drinks, meals, dancing and at-times hijinks after a long day out on the ski hill. Whistler Blackcomb, as the official number one ski resort in a North America, by default can thus be considered to maintain the best apres-ski scene in the continent.

The entire village has practically evolved to serve as a giant apres-ski venue. Whistler is ripe with bars, cafes, dinning rooms, lounges, nightclubs, patios, and pubs that welcome ski-hill weathered bodies looking for warmth, sustenance, and refreshment in a lively atmosphere. With so many choices it can be hard to pinpoint a scene that best suits your tastes for post-skiing/boarding activities. And that my friends, is where The Mexican Corner comes into play.

Why Our Whistler Restaurant Offers Many the Best Apres-Ski Scene in the Village

A Mix of Vibrancy & Relaxation – To be fair, we do not offer the aforementioned dancing nor hijinks on our hospitality menu (unless you count the behavior of our feisty kitchen staff?) but for many of you, that is a BIG bonus. Your days of hard partying on the hill may be behind you and your party. After all, it can seem counterintuitive after a great workout on the slopes, especially if you plan on waking up in the early AM to go at it again the next day. However, this does not mean that you should have to rob yourself of an authentic apres-ski experience, which is as much a part of ski resort life as strapping on boots and throwing yourself over the ledge of a powdery white mountain. The Mexican Corner is fast becoming the go-to destination for resort community guests looking for a place to wind down over appetizers, an amazing meal (more on this below), and beverages (more on this below) while mingling both within and outside of their group. The atmosphere offers an eclectic and incomparable vibrancy that encourages spirited conversation in a relaxing yet energetic environment. We guarantee, you won’t want to leave.

A Dining Menu Made to Satisfy Apres-Ski Hunger Pangs – Your first thought after a day on the slopes of Whistler Blackcomb is “Where should we eat??”. We’re not being presumptuous on that note. After you’ve disrobed your nylon and neoprene, put your boots in the hotel closet, and leaned your skies and boards against the patio rail, a convenient walk over to our restaurant will satisfy that question with a quick glance at the menu. Start your party’s apres-ski rejuvenation off with a “visit” to our Ceviche Bar and sample the refreshing starter with a kick, the Ceviche Azteca (Basa fish cured in fresh lime juice mixed w/fresh tomato, onion, cilantro and jalapeños). Don’t forget to include a soothing bowl of soup in your apres-ski appetizers, with our Tortilla Soup (A traditional recipe using the fresh diced avocado, feta cheese and sour cream drizzled to finish). If you’re looking for a lighter yet satisfying bite, concentrating more on the “beverage” aspect of the apres-ski experience (more on that below) our taco bat cannot be beat, with Pastor, Tinga, Fish, and Conchinita to tempt your palate. Otherwise we suggest that your hungry lot order the Enchiladas Toluqueñas (Corn tortillas rolled around pulled chicken topped w/a Mexican chorizo sauce completed w/feta cheese, sour cream, and pickled onion and served w/Mexican rice and beans) or the Chile Relleno (Roasted poblano pepper stuffed w/mozzarella cheese and covered by our housemade tomato salsa and served w/Mexican rice and beans). Those two meals will soothe your soul, warm your hungry bodies, and replenish all that was “lost” out there on the slopes.

Best Drinks in Whistler Village = Best Apres-Ski Destination – Let’s be honest, there can be no true apres-ski experience without “spirited” beverages and it is known amongst all who reside (or frequently visit) within Whistler Village, that The Mexican Corner serves the best drinks in town. The happy-go-tipsy culprits? Our handcrafted signature margaritas, which have been heralded as the best of Whistler Village by the Huffington Post. We could go on all day about how the likes of our Habanero, Tamarindo, and Cadillac will drive your entire apres-ski sipping experience to great success, but we’ll let our beverage menu do the talking. You’ll note that in addition to these famous drinks that we offer all of the cerveza and tequila options you could ever ask for to cap off your apres-ski affair.

Open (ski) season is upon us friends, with opening day less than two weeks on the horizon (depending upon when you find this article). We look forward to welcoming you and your party when your days on the slopes of Whistler Blackcomb conclude.