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Best Soup in Whistler Village? There’s Only One Way to Find Out

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Best Soup in Whistler Village

There’s no question that when it comes to the middle of winter there’s no food quite as comforting as a hearty bowl of soup. If you add a backdrop of snow-covered mountains and red brick village lanes bustling below your window you’ve got the perfect call to leave the comforts of your cozy resort room and sample the best that the town has to offer. But when you want soup you want it now. No time to overthink it and comb through countless of online recommendations. Thankfully, you’ve landed here.

No matter the season our chef prepares his soups to seduce your palate, soothe your soul, and to even put you back on top if you’re feeling under the weather. Below we take a look at the current offerings on our lunch and dinner winter menu. Be sure to check back as we enter each new season with new takes on everyone’s favorite form of comfort food.

Two Reasons Why Our Restaurant is the One of the Best Places to Go for Soup in Whistler

The Mexican Corner’s Tortilla Soup


Our most popular soup, and a mainstay on our menu, is the Mexican Corner’s famous Tortilla Soup, or Sopa de tortillaOur restaurant’s take on this traditional Mexican soup is expertly seasoned with pasilla chile. Pasilla chile or chile negro is dried chilaca chili pepper, a dark and rich flavorful chili that gives the soup just enough kick without overwhelming the culinary experience. The soup is topped with fresh avocado to give it a creamy, buttery, and oh-so rich taste and consistency. It is also capped by feta cheese, allowing the perfectly aged cheese to crumble and melt into the broth before reaching your lips. We then add a playful dollop of sour cream and then of course the crowning jewels – crispy and golden corn tortilla strips, which juxtapose the texture the soup exquisitely.

Mexican Beef Broth

Those that enjoy an traditional Caldo de Res (Mexican Beef Soup) will salivate over our Caldo de Carne Mexicana (Mexica Beef Broth). For first-timers, this soup serves as the ultimate gateway into all sorts of Latin American broths, bisques, and bouillon. Our chef’s braising technique is the secret to the success of this dish (bowl). The ability to time the transition between moist and dry heats and manipulate temperatures from the moment the beef is first seared to when it is contained and stewed in carefully selected spices is second to none. The slow braised beef is shredded into a rich and robust beef broth before being hand-garnished with flavorful beans, bacon, fresh cilantro and onion. If a soup can ever be considered sexy (we feel it can) then this is it.

Be sure to honor us with your presence at least twice during your stay in Whistler so that you have the opportunity to sample both of these delectable starts to your meal. Your server will be happy to suggest perfect pairings for your lunch and dinner entrée to ensure that your dining experience is a most memorable one. We look forward to hosting you and your party.

Buen Provecho!