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Best Spirits & Cocktails in Whistler for the Festive Season

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Best Place to go for Cocktails in Whistler for the Holiday Season

It’s here. The holiday season has officially begun. Even the weather has finally decided to cooperate, shaping up to be one of the better ski seasons in recent memory. The mood is indeed festive in Whistler and as village guests begin to soak it all in they look for a place to sit in comfort and share libations with friends and family. There is certainly no shortage of places to do so in our resort town, thus narrowing down the best spot for holiday cocktails can be a challenge. When you’re visiting for just a few days you want to make the most of your experience, which is why we’re breaking down the four things that make our restaurant bar a favorite among locals and visitors alike, especially during the holidays.

4 Reasons Why Our Whistler Restaurant is the Best Place to Go for Cocktails this Holiday Season

1. Top Choice for Tequila in Whistler

No spirits speak to holiday celebrations like a few well-timed rounds of tequila shots for your table. And when it comes to tequila, The Mexican Corner is it. All you need to do is Google “best tequila in Whistler” and you’ll find our offering at the top of the list. Our management and expert bar staff have carefully curated the best varieties of Silver, ReposadoAñejo, and Mezcales to consider both meal pairings and standalone shots. When it comes to tequila in celebration of Christmas and the entire holiday line-up, our Specialty Tequilas such as Patron XO Café become in high-demand.

2. Masterfully Crafter Signature Margaritas

When it comes to cocktails there is nothing quite as festive as a table full of handcrafted margaritas. At least when it comes to the expertly prepared and elaborately decorated ones served from behind our bar. Aesthetics alone make these beverage orders the most Instagrammable in all of Whistler. The red and green frozen (or rocks) blends and salt-frosted rims beacon bouts of holiday carols, should your party be inspired to belt out a few tunes (the tequila will help). But of course the biggest reason our bar is known for its margaritas is variety and taste, in particular our Signature cocktails. Our Tamarindoserved on the rocks and flavored with the perfectly sweet and sour tamarind fruit is as close as one can get to spirited visions of sugar plums. Our Habanero (also on the rocks) provides an exquisite kick to heat things up during the cold snap of the season while our Cadillac (Cuervo 1800, Grand Marnier on the rocks with fresh lime) is the most essential of our on-the-menu holiday margaritas. Be sure to ask about new additions/options (whipped cream topping?) throughout the month of December.

3. Everyone Loves Cervezas

Cervezas are necessary to any proper festive gathering and at our restaurant you’ll find a great combination of bottles, draught, and Mexican styled cervezas. Whether you want to keep it simple with a bucket of Coronas of Pacifico or prefer a more flavorful variety such as XX Dos Equis Amber, Lager, or Negra Modelo we have a bottle to help you celebrate the season. Local Whistler Brewing Company’s Whiskey Jack Ale – Powder Mountain Lager is extremely popular at this time of the year should you have a hankering for draught. Then we have our Mexican style beer. Our Micheladas is served w/fresh lime juice, a salted rim and your choice of cerveza over ice while our Micheladas Diablo ramps up the spice factor to warm your spirits. 

4. No One Gets Left Out

Those abstaining from alcohol should not have to skip out on the fun of sharing a few beverages with friends and family during the holidays. When dining at our restaurant they don’t have to, nor do they have to miss out on creative concoctions or presentation. Our bar is happy to present our Margarita Virgen (available in Strawberry and Mango) and our Piña Colada Virgen, our Agua de Horchata, and of course a timeless Shirley Temple should you have little gringos in tow.

No matter your preference The Mexican Corner Restaurant has fun, flavorful, and inherently festive libations for you and your party during the holiday season. We look forward to hosting you and yours in the month ahead.