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Best Drinks in Whistler Village to Salute the Summer

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Best Drinks in Whistler Village

You may expect to find nightclubs, pubs, and bars when you search “best drinks in Whistler” online before a presumed evening out on the town (village). You may expect the same vocal results when grabbing the ear of a passing-by local to inquire about the same. While the village indeed is home to some of the best watering holes in our corner of the hemisphere many are surprised to hear that the best beverages for a warm summer’s eve (or afternoon for that matter) are served from behind the bar of our upscale dining establishment. The candidates? The handcrafted margaritas at The Mexican Corner Restaurant.

Forget everything you thought you knew about this quintessential Mexican cocktail before your table orders its first round at our Whistler Village eatery. The Slurpee-esque concoctions commonly served at certain franchises have their place on the “night out for drinks” landscape but they don’t speak to what a margarita truly is. You may not recognize the variations detailed on our beverage menu and to be honest that mystery is a big part of what gets guests so excited. Before you stop by and whet your whistle we thought we’d highlight some of the favorites that have garnered us the distinction for serving “the best margaritas in town” by the Huffington Post Travel Canada edition.

Best Cocktails in Whistler Village – The Mexican Corner’s Margaritas

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End of Summer August Events in Whistler – Our 5 Recommendations

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End of Summer August Events in Whistler Village

The summer season is nearing its conclusion yet we are not ready to go quietly into that good night and wave “adios” quite yet. Whistler Village still has plenty on deck for the remaining days of August alone. As a major destination point for dining in Whistler, Mexican Corner staff is often approached by visiting patrons inquiring about things to do “in town” during their stay. Our ever-attentive team is quick to offer tips on activities and attractions, including events, that our guests can enjoy before, after, and in-between meals. In this week’s blog post allow us to serve as your event guide to the enduring days of summer.

5 End of Summer Event Recommendations for Whistler Village – August 2014

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One Day in Whistler, in the Summer – The Perfect Itinerary

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One Day in Whistler - Summer in Whistler Village

A day in Whistler BC in the winter is pretty straight forward. It will likely involve skiing and/or snowboarding with in-between breaks to reenergize over bites to eat before returning to the slopes, concluded by a warm beverage near a cozy fireplace somewhere in the village. The summer however, is a whole other animal. First-time summer season visitors to our resort community are pleasantly surprised by all that the warm months have to offer up here on the mountain. However they are also at a loss when it comes to the wide variety of “things to do” here in the summer, especially if they are just visiting for one day. As an integral part of the Whistler Village business community we tend to look out for our guests, even if they have yet to sample from our menu. That is why we have put together a one-day itinerary so that you can make the most of your brief yet welcoming stay.

A One-Day Summertime Itinerary for First-Time Visitors to Whistler Village

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