In true Mexican spirit, we offer a lively,  casual dining experience. Relax after a day of adventure, or prepare for a night of fun in our dining room that features décor straight from Mexico. Vegan, Gluten-free, and Vegetarian options available. Our chefs are almost exclusively from Mexico, and they are cooking traditional meals, with a modern twist.


  • The Three Amigos! 15

    Our signature Guacamole, Sikilpak, and Pico de Gallo. Served with corn tortilla chips, Molcajete salsa and Habanero hot salsa

  • Chipotles Rellenos 16

    Chipotle chiles stuffed with panela cheese, cilantro, epazote and onions. Placed on a smoky black bean pasilla sauce and piloncillo syrup

  • Empanadas 16

    Served with two and your choice of filling. Mushroom epazote, topped with tofu zarandeado or braised beef short rib, topped with avocado salsa. Try both flavours or enjoy one


Traditional Mexican recipe with fresh avocado, lime juice, and fresh Pico de Gallo. Served with corn tortilla chips 15

Add any of the following to create your individual guacamole experience;

  • Add Charred Jalapeños +2
  • Add Chapulin +5
  • Add Chicharron +8


  • Aguachile Tasting 24

    A sample of each of the Aguachiles, served with crispy corn tostadas

  • Aguachile de Recado Negro 21

    Prawns cured to order with lime and recado negro water. Topped with cucumber, red onion and habanero. Served with crispy corn tostadas

  • Aguachile Verde 21

    Basa fish and Scallops cured to order with lime and serrano chile water. Topped with fennel and red onions. Served with crispy corn tostadas


  • Blackened Ahi Tuna Tostadas 16

    Ash cured and seared Ahi Tuna on crispy corn tostadas. With smoky zarandeado sauce and fresh avocado

  • Lentil and Quinoa Tostadas 15

    Mix of black lentils and quinoa, Pico de Gallo, cilantro, lime juice and avocado. With macha mayonnaise on crispy corn tostadas, topped with radish and cilantro oil

Queso fundido

This house specialty is a mixture of melted cheese and epazote. Topped with your choiceof Verde or Roja sauce. Served with corn tortillas 18

  • Prawns +9

    Prawns lightly seared and seasoned

  • Chorizo +5

    Mexican Chorizo

  • Rajas Roblanas +5

    Rajas Poblanas & King Oyster Mushroom


  • Birria 14

    Slow braised short rib, shredded and served in a mini quesadilla, with a rich and robust broth to dip on the side. Served with lime, cilantro and onion
    Appetizer 14 | Entree 24

  • Sopa de Tortilla 10

    A classic Mexican soup with tomatoes and Guajillo chiles. Topped with feta cheese, sour cream, avocado, and crispy tortilla strips 10
    Add Pulled Chicken 4


  • Ash Rubbed Ahi Tuna 38

    Ahi Tuna seared with a chile ash rub. Served with silky butternut squash puree, rajas poblanas and toasted pumpkin seeds

  • Recado Negro 36

    A specialty from the south of Mexico, chicken breast marinated in Recado Negro, a paste made from charred chiles and spices. Served with pickled pearl onions, radish, charred orange and citrus Guajillo rice

  • Chamorro al Pibil 38

    Pork shank braised with traditional pibil adobo from Yucatan. Topped with pickled pearl onions, xnipec sauce and served with corn tortillas

Traditional Mexican

  • Enchiladas Verdes 26

    Pulled chicken wrapped in corn tortillas, covered in Verde sauce and served with Mexican rice. Finished with sour cream, feta cheese, and onions

  • Enchiladas Mole 28

    Pulled chicken wrapped in corn tortillas, covered in Mole poblano sauce and served with Mexican rice. Finished with sour cream, feta cheese, sesame seeds and pickled onions

  • Enchiladas Mineras 26

    Mix of sweet potato, spinach and fresh epazote wrapped in corn tortillas, covered with Guajillo sauce. Topped with panela and pickled onions


Mixture of sautéed bell peppers and onions, finished with melted cheese and salsa Macha. Served with either corn or flour tortillas, and your choice of the following;
  • Prawns 33
  • Flank Steak 34
  • Chicken 28
  • Vegetarian 26


Classic “garnacha” is crispy tortilla served with black bean pasilla sauce, salpicon salad (kale, onion, tomato), oregano and habanero vinaigrette. Topped with panela cheese and select one of the following;

  • Prawns 27
  • Steak 28
  • Chicken 23
  • Seared King Oyster Mushroom 21

Tacos - $23

Your choice of three tacos – mix & match the following to create your own meal
  • Short Rib Barbacoa

    Braised beef short rib roasted in a rich smoky marinade. Served on a corn tortilla with cilantro and onion

  • Pork Pastor

    Slow roasted pork in adobo, served on a corn tortilla with roasted pineapple, onion, and cilantro

  • Duck Mole

    Confit duck with raisin Mole. Served on a corn tortilla with xnipec, radish and cilantro

  • Baja Fish

    Corn battered Basa fish, served on a flour tortilla with fresh Pico de Gallo, Mexican slaw and zarandeado

  • Rajas Poblanas

    A blend of jalapeño, bell peppers and poblano peppers with seared onions and sweet corn. Served on a flour tortilla with melted cheese, sour cream and crispy chile dusted corn tortilla strip

  • Baja Palm

    Heart of palm in our crispy corn batter and served on a corn tortilla. Topped with Pico de Gallo, white cabbage and tofu zarandeado

  • Calabaza

    Seasonal squash roasted and seared, served with a pumpkin seed Mole on a corn tortilla. Topped with jicama serrano slaw and pickled red onion

Additional SIDES

  • Seared Scallop Skewer 12
  • Seared Prawn Skewer 12
  • Serrano Toreados 6
  • Corn or Flour tortillas 2
  • Mexican Rice 3
  • Refried Black Beans 3