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The Best Tropical Cocktails in Whistler? Come Sip and Decide

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Our Whistler restaurant is known for many things (good things, of course), one of them being our cocktail menu. Whether looking for spirits to warm your spirits in the festive winter or saluting the days of summer with #margaritaville on the mind you’ll find no better selection than with the beverages born from behind our bar.

Today we narrow our focus for those of you with a penchant for tropical drinks. You’re the kind of person who demands an umbrella or slice of pineapple in your drink no matter the time of year. You should be celebrated for this undying need to chase the endless summer with libations. Read further to find out why you will want to stand at our bar when in the resort town of Whistler BC.

4 Reasons Why We Are Known for Serving the Best Tropical Cocktails in Whistler Village

1. Sangria for All Seasons

Originating from Spain, this timeless cocktail is a favorite of many that like a little class with their tropical punch. Sangria is traditionally made from a combination of red wine, diced/sliced fruit (orange, lemon, lime, apple, peach, melon, berries, pineapple, grape, kiwifruit or mango), sweetener (honey, sugar, syrup or juice) and a hint of brandy. Because this cocktail must be prepared with care and thoughtfully steeped while chilled Sangria is best made with an expert touch. It’s not exactly a cocktail you whip up at home before friends arrive to Netflix and chill. We can’t divulge the secrets of what makes our expert bartender’s Sangria so special – but you will not be disappointed.

2. More Mojitos, Please!

You’ll find yourself motioning to your server and declaring the above once you’ve tried our Mojito. Numerous rounds of this cocktail are a common scene to grace the tabletops of our restaurant. A Mojito is commonly comprised of five key ingredients – white rum, sweeter (sugar or sugar cane juice), fresh lime juice, sparkling water (or club soda) and mint (possibly spearmint or yerba beuna). This sweet, citrusy, and minty cocktail incites visions of a tropical oasis no matter your current geographic location. Traditionally a Mojito has a low alcohol content, but when coming from behind our bar it’s “always a double” while still going down refreshing and smooth.

3. Pining for Piña Colada?

You’ll never have to wander around Whistler Village heartbroken that you cannot track down a proper rendition of what may be the most popular tropical cocktail on the planet. Our bar produces one of the best Piña Coladas north of the border. This Spanish native beverage is made (blended or shaken) with white rum, coconut cream (or pure coconut milk), fresh pineapple juice and decorated by a hearty pineapple wedge (and a maraschino cherry when the bartender is feeling playful). The Piña Colada is the official National drink of Puerto Rico and also a mainstay in Mexican eateries, our restaurant included.

4. Unmatched Margaritas

To be honest, declaring the best Sangria, Mojitos, and Piña Coladas in Whistler can be subjective and up for debate depending on who you ask. But when it comes to Margaritas, you’re encouraged to ask anyone on the Whistler Village Stroll, ski-lift, or slopes as to which venue serves the best Margaritas in town. The answer will be the same…every…single…time. Internationally known for our Margaritas, a visit to The Mexican Corner Restaurant for this cocktail becomes an outright event. The only hard part is choosing which one/s to order from our expansive Signature Handcrafted Margarita menu. Make sure you have a designated driver (or someone to lean on on the walk to your hotel) because you really do need to sample at least three (four?) varieties before you can pick a favorite.