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Top Restaurant at Number One Ski Resort in North America

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Number One Ski Resort in North America

You may have heard the news already but we’re happy to spread the word farther and wider here within our Whistler Village restaurant blog. Whistler Blackcomb has been named number one ski resort in North America by SKI Magazine.

Within the article our resort is celebrated by readers with statements such as “Nothing else in North America compares.” and “The mountain is an 11- plus… Just more in every way.”. We couldn’t agree with these affirmations more. Whistler received such a prestigious rank for a reaching excellence in a variety of areas. Great service, access and connectivity to slopes, range of terrain and adventures (for varying skill levels), accommodations, restaurants, and amenities all played a part in the end result.

It goes without saying that this international distinction means much to all local businesses within the village and surrounding area. Tour companies, activity providers, hotels, spas, boutique retailers, coffee shops, cafes, and of course restaurants all reap the benefits that the recognition brings. Those of us which have had the honor of receiving accolades as being among the top in their industry in Whistler can be prouder than ever knowing that they are the best at what they do, in the best ski destination in North America. If you serve the best cup of coffee in Whistler you can now say that you serve the best cup of coffee in the best ski resort on the continent. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

When you consider that Whistler is also known to be one of the best ski resorts in the entire world the implications for that best cup of coffee of yours are taken to a whole other level.

However, when the businesses within our tight knit community receive such news we don’t take it as a call to kick back and simply maintain status quo. We know that all of the other ski resorts in North America and across the globe take notice and ramp up their own efforts to snag this “title” in the following years to come. Their tourism boards and local governing bodies scramble to respond, encouraging their own business community to up their game to “compete” at an elite level. Collectively they strive to deliver patrons the best possible experience so that the raves and reviews pile in. One thing for certain is that this friendly competition amongst the world’s ski resorts serves the most important element of it all – you, the guest.

To return to the point as stated in the paragraph above we declare that the local businesses within Whistler Village take our recognition as fuel to strive and perform even better. It may be a lot of work to earn the title as the best, but it’s even more work to keep it. Those that have a long standing history of excellence in Whistler are all up for the task, our restaurant included.

It won’t be business as usual as the ski-hill opens up this November of the 2014-15 season, it will be business-even-better. Those ski and snowboard enthusiasts looking to find the ultimate rush yet have not yet experienced Whistler Blackcomb will book trips to pay us a visit. Purveyors and aficionados of winter resort life will flock from their normal perches in Aspen to gather in Whistler, gracing the village and all of its surroundings with their curious eyes and fickle tastes. And we (Whistler) will deliver.

Our restaurant in the heart of Whistler Village has already made the preparations for the season ahead. Our operations and staff have grown to accommodate the busiest of lunch, dinner, and après-ski rushes. Our dining menu has expanded and been perfected even further as we continue to accommodate both demands for flavor fusions and in dietary preferences. And our beverage menu, well, it continues to serve the best margaritas in the entire village – or should we say the best margaritas in the best ski resort on the continent? We’re happy to let you decide that part.

Whether you happened to find this article while researching top restaurants in Whistler or top ski resort in North America we welcome you and your traveling companions to come experience all the Whistler has to offer.