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Where to Find Healthy Food in Whistler When Eating Out

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Healthy Food in Whistler

Here’s the conundrum. You’re in Whistler for a vacation or a few-day getaway and even though you’re in town to have fun, you plan on sticking to your healthy diet. Kudos on your commitment. But when it comes to venturing out into the village with your party for afternoon or evening dining you may find yourself at a crossroads. While there are a multitude of great places to eat, matching delicious with healthy can be a challenge.

Our restaurant management and kitchen is sensitive to your sensitive diets. We also understand that eating healthy when dining out may not mean cutting calories, but instead considers nutritious, vegetarian or gluten-free alternatives among other self-imposed restrictions. Thus, in our never-ending mission to accommodate everyone who visits our resort town we thought we’d detail a few dishes on our current menu that provide a healthy dining alternative for you, without sacrificing one iota of flavor or presentation.

Why Our Restaurant is Perfect for Those Looking to Eat Healthy When Dining Out in Whistler

Starters – Both the Lunch and Dinner menu includes our popular Veracruz Style Ceviche. This healthy appetizer features marinated local red snapper – a seafood delicacy that is high in protein and rich in both EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids. This dish is complemented by citrus (high in anti-inflammatory antioxidants), carrot (beta-carotene) and chile (more antioxidants!) and is finished with guacamole (good monounsaturated fats), chipotle mayo and jalapeño dressing. Our Winter Root Veggie Salad is a health-conscious celebration of fresh watercress and kale (the ultimate superfood) mixed with roasted beets, sweet potato, carrots, onion, parsnips and is tossed in a white balsamic-grainy mustard dressing. The salad is topped with goat cheese, enoki mushrooms and walnuts – the latter being the healthiest of the tree-nut family, packed with l-arginine (amino acid), antioxidants, and a wide range of neuroprotective compounds.

Main Course – Our Lunch and Dinner menu both present the Vegetarian Quesadilla, a Mexican street food alternative with fresh peppers, baby arugula, zucchini and corn, all sautéed in green salsa. The menus also include our Vegetarian 3 Tacos that combine zucchini, corn, peppers and baby arugula (sautéed in green salsa as well). Dinner is where the magic really happens, especially when you consider our Prawns and Mussels a la Diabla. This healthy creation spices and braises fresh mussels and tiger prawns with roasted onions and smoked tomatoes. Nutrition-conscious diners love this dish because of the mussels and tiger prawn combination. Mussels have the highest omega-3 concentration of all shellfish and are loaded with protein, potassium, and iron. Tiger prawns are also rich in omega-3, and contain significant amounts of potassium, phosphorus, along with Vitamin A and E. The accompanying roasted onions and smoked tomatoes and an additional dollop of those oh-so-necessay antioxidants in a tasty package.

Dessert – Yes, we know. Including dessert on such a list may seem counterintuitive but you are on vacation (not that you need a reason). Whether a staunch Wheat Belly advocate or you seek to minimize your gluten intake our restaurant has delivered something that will meet your sweet-tooth criteria. Our extremely popular (with all dessert supporters) Gluten-Free Kahlua Crème Brûlée (crème brûlée accented with hint of decadent Mexican coffee liqueur) is a dream for those mindful of their dietary intake throughout all three courses.

Stay tuned as our chef adds new healthy dining alternatives to our seasonal menu. Check back frequently for updates.